Friday, January 21, 2011

Breaking news

As Week One of the Herald's Mystery Poo investigation draws to a close, we can now look back on a story which has generated a photograph of a dung-spattered Landcruiser, one of best headlines in the history of subbing - another family pelted with poo - and a really bad graphic. This last shows that aircraft fly to and from Auckland International Airport in most directions and that one of the incidents occurred at Ponga Road. Today's installment concerns a retired aircraft engineer with forty years of experience who wishes to remain anonymous. Some might say that this is scarcely a reliable witness.

In other non-news, someone who once worked in Queenstown is accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend in England and then drinking red wine with her friend while his body burned on the garden bonfire. As the Herald reports:
Moonlight Stables owner Geoff Clear told Queenstown's Mountain Scene newspaper he was dumbfounded Windsor was facing murder charges.

"Like any other couple they had their ups and downs, but never in a thousand years would I have thought Kirsti could be capable of something like that, or that David deserved anything like that."
Well you wouldn't, would you? You wouldn't say of someone, "she looks like the sort who would kill her boyfriend and drink red wine with her friend while his body burned on the garden bonfire, and frankly he deserves it."

The Herald chooses to illustrate this story online with a stock photo of a fire, although it made the front page of the print edition with a photo of the alleged murderess. The ever-reliable Daily Mail reveals that she is hot and her ex looked a bit of a dork.

Also in the Daily Mail: really long headlines, such as Tory minister and senior party official accused of sexism after ‘telling high-flier working mothers had no place in the City' and Conwoman faked own death from dehydration in remote Pakistan hospital to claim £2m life insurance.

And finally, a huge shark has been spotted off a beach, in the sea.


Rusty said...

A load of crap indeed.

Marie said...

Frankly I'm fascinated by the poo story. Every time this has happened, ducks have been blamed, even when there were clearly no ducks in the area. Obviously a cover up; planes are leaking poo. Also love the shark stories. This morning's shark was truly magnificent.

Stephanie said...

Even better, we now know there is a great white shark spotting 0800 number! But the tops was, it was called Brutus!