Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who would be a painter man?

Or a journalist, for that matter. Look right: you are no better off than the man who paints the financial planner's luxury Tuscan-style townhouse. You went to university, you went to journalism school, you learned shorthand, you edited student magazines. And you are paid the same as a bloke who stands on a ladder all day.

The financial planner and his sales management chums will be on the deck at the back, boasting to each other about their median salaries - which are twice as much as yours.

Meanwhile, your geek friends from school are all programmers now and can afford their weight in Star Wars figurines.

Just think, if you had a Tiger Mother, who deprived you of affection and bullied you to achieve, you might have been a doctor.


George D said...

I looked. There is no category for historians. Either they are too obscure, or more likely they don't earn anything.

That journalist could get an extra 35 by going into PR, you know. If the inflated figures in that guide are to be believed.

Paul said...

I used to dream of opening the jobs section paper one morning to find advertisments begging for Art Historians.

It never happened.