Thursday, January 06, 2011

I am custard, yellow

They found a fire among some electrical appliances near a lift but Fire Safety Officer Ray Coleman, said it was beneath a sprinkler head and when that sprinkler was activated the fire was virtually extinguished.

"Although we have got a reasonable bit of fire damage we ended up with more water damage."

He said it showed the value of a sprinkler system in a fire.

"If the sprinkler system had not actuated or conversely they did not have a sprinkler system we would have had a far more serious fire than we've got. The sprinkler system has been the saving grace."
Not much happened last night in Queen street but, gentle reader, I was there. I was at the scene of the non-event. Had I an iPad or some other new-fangled device I might have given you an exclusive report; but then again, I might not have bothered. I can now tell you that fire tenders were attending, that fans were extracting smoke and that the scene was observed by many teenage girls who had gone out clubbing only to find that the Auckland nightclub scene at this time of year is less interesting than watching smoke being extracted. Perhaps they were hoping for a foam party.

In other non-news, the Herald jumped the shark in a hard-hitting front-page story which almost concluded with the telling claim that "it is awesome, compared to Sweden."

Meanwhile, Herald Subs go wild with headlines such as Cliff plunge ends pro league dream. Point of fact: the cliff plunge ended the man's life; his pro league dream was a secondary consideration. Elsewhere, Illness claims veteran bashed in heist makes no sense whatsoever.

In heritage news, the Turua Street houses, which the Herald recognises as both Art Deco and "Spanish-style" appear to be doomed. Large sums of money were threatened, according to Sandra Coney. Such is the value of our built environment: we save sheds but not houses.

In other other news, this blogeur and many good people have retreated to the #lessambitiousmovies space on Twitter.

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