Friday, January 14, 2011

Fleet of foot

Who could foretell what evolution had in store for the descendants of this pint-sized, fleet-footed predator?
Well, nobody; since there was nobody around at that time and since dinosaurs, fleet-footed or otherwise, are unlikely to have had any powers of foretelling their evolutionary future.

In other news, our Prime Minister is a sad git:
Key today put his hand up to attend the next big Royal wedding - if he gets invited.

"I haven't had an invitation for the Royal wedding but if I do, I'll go," he said.

"At this stage, I haven't had one - that will be up to the couple to determine who comes and who doesn't."
I bet he was like that at school - always inviting himself and letting everyone know that he will be there if he is invited; of course, nobody wants to invite him but now they feel obliged to do so.

Any connexion between these two stories is coincidental: it is not my intention to suggest that dinosaurs evolved into members of the Royal Family, nor that dinosaurs had the social shortcomings of Mr Key.

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Stephen Stratford said...

Come on - he would have been asked that silly question in a silly press conference in a silly time where there isn't much news outside Queensland, and what else would he say?