Wednesday, January 05, 2011

When architectural historians go wild

The local authority has long argued that the 55 sq metre (600 sq ft) houses, originally intended to last no more than a decade, are so basic it would be virtually impossible to bring them up to modern standards, a view shared by a number of residents, who are mainly council tenants.

But after a campaign by other locals to preserve the Excalibur, so called as the roads were named after characters from Arthurian legend, English Heritage recommended 21 homes be listed. The Department for Culture granted protection to six. Under current rules for 20th century properties, listing is reserved for buildings with few modifications while most Excalibur homes have – at the very least – replacement doors and windows.
Prefabs, loads of them. Will any of the bow-tied Wykehamists demanding their preservation be rushing to live in them? "My dear chap, I have a little Huguenot place in Spitalfields; we could swap; " I think not.

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