Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Zen and the art of profit

Paul Jackson, director of student support and development at the University of Leicester, said his institution was "looking closely at how to embed corporate skills into the curriculum at the undergraduate stage". He said university managers were discussing whether students should be able to complete their courses without taking a corporate skills course.

"There is no difference between academic skills and employment skills," he said. "We are looking for students who can apply things in a new context."
Well yes, they would not want anybody leaving university without the skill-set to thrive in a dynamic corporate environment, would they? After all, it is the corporate alumni who keep universities going these days.

And look what applying things in a new context can achieve. Take holograms, wrist bands and sports people; mix them together and you get something like this:
The EKEN Powerbands website explains the wristbands, which cost $89.95, work through four holographic discs which "are programmed, through a proprietary process, with frequencies that are harmonious to the human body. Our bodies respond positively to the bands when we wear them. The technology is based on over 10 years of research in electronics and eastern practices."


Will said...

Peter Brock's legend lives on?

"Brock began publicly supporting and, eventually, began to fit to all Holden Dealer Team specials a device called the "Energy Polariser" containing crystals and magnets that, it was claimed, improved the performance and handling of vehicles through "aligning the molecules".

Only in Australia!

Lyndon said...

My Mum had one of these