Tuesday, February 08, 2011

For those about to rock...

Kids of 88, Zowie, Computers Want Me Dead, Pikachunes, O’Lovely and DJ Andrew Tidball join forces to bring you the ultimate free orientation concert! There will be a licensed bar, so remember to bring your ID. Make sure you keep it under control. If you look drunk and disorderly you'll be sent to the first aid room to chill out!
... keep it under control or you will be forced to chill out.

Dontchajustloveit when the people in charge try to get down with the kids but fall flat on their faces in a mess of bossyness and clumsy slang?
Dont bring your own alcohol to the event. Bags will be searched at the door and alcohol will be confiscated. This is a smoke and drug-free event.
Well, no, it won't be. The one drug allowed, and in fact promoted, will be alcohol. But supply will be controlled by the management, which will hold the monopoly for drug sales on the day.

No wonder they are holding the event in the Business School.

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