Friday, February 04, 2011

The long week closes

The Power Balance wrist band is endorsed by sportsmen such as professional NBA basketball player Lamar Odom and professional beach volleyball player Todd Rogers, but has courted controversy because of a lack of evidence that it does anything.

"When the hologram comes in contact with your body's energy field, it allows your body to interact positively with the natural frequency stored in the hologram," the Power Balance Facebook page says.

"They restore optimal electro-magnetic balance and promote free-flowing energy pathways - NO PROMISES, JUST RESULTS." But last month Power Balance Australia admitted there was no "credible scientific evidence" to support its claim that the wristband improved strength, balance and flexibility. It apologised for its misleading promotions and offered purchasers a full refund.

It is unclear if the Prime Minister believes in the benefits of the band, and he did not return calls last night.
Nothing makes sense anymore.

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