Thursday, November 09, 2006

Parish News

1. Thanks to an anonymous benefactor, the Fundy Post is now syndicated on Live Journal, which means that Live Journal users can add the Fundy Post to their Friends pages and get regular updates or snippets or something by feeding and polling... you can see why I never became a Technical Writer. Anyway, it's here.

2. Intelligence is always welcome. If you have facts, gossip or clues, send them to the Fundy Post's top secret email address, which I shall write cryptically to prevent spammers finding it: fundypost AT gmail DOT com. Just remember to replace AT with that curly thing and DOT with a dot. If you have a special offer on Viagra, keep it to yourself.

3. My former Kete Were colleage Katie now has her own site, Foreign Correspondence which is all about Spain and other things. ¿Why not visit?

4. Thanks to Jesstastic, I have discovered 3 Quarks Daily. Apart from the literary reference in the title which makes you feel really smart if you get it, this site offers loads of good writing from all over the place. Gold Star Jess also introduced me to Boing Boing

5. That's it for now. I have probably forgotten something I should have mentioned.

Breaking news: after posting this post, I went to the kitchen at Absurdist House. A catalogue of errors occurred which began with the coffee machine and ended with my catching a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that was in freefall. This caused damage to my thumb andIseemtobehavingdifficultyusingthespacebar.

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Little Red Riding Hood said...

That was hilarious. DOT.