Thursday, November 09, 2006

Some unknown unknowns

I had intended to bring you a Fundy Post Mid-Term Elections Special directly from the media bunker at Absurdist House. Every thing was ready. I had my iBook, a comfy chair and a good view of the television. Most importantly, I had assembled a team of expert commentators. Unfortunately, one commentator thought it would be a good idea to drink Purple Nasties and had brought the ingredients with him.

Rather than posting up-to-the-minute election news and opinion, we competed to make the best associations from candidates' names. It was very funny at the time. I am not sure what happened in the elections. Apparently, the Democrats won.

In an effort to make something of the day, I should say that the televisual highlight was CNN's Blogparty. Some of America's finest bloggers had been assembled in one utterly inappropriate room (fake Louis Quinze furntiture, that sort of thing) to blog. It all seemed beside the point of blogging, which is not a group activity. It was, however, revealing. Such are the divisions in American politics, the Conservative bloggers and their Liberal rivals were at opposite ends of the room. Each faction even had its own CNN interviewer (IMHO, the woman who spoke to the Liberals was way more cute) and stereotypical dress standards: the Liberals wore Gap, while the Conservatives wore blazers and flannels.

Moving on, I shall miss Donald Rumsfeld; not for his incisive leadership and brilliant use of military resources, but for his poetry. Hart Seely is the author of Pieces of Intelligence, The Existential Poetry of Donald H. Rumsfeld. He explains it all better than I could here

Well, that rounds up our election coverage. As always, we are last with the news, although not necessarily least (contents may vary).

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