Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Allo Allo!

There is a muttering campaign amongst members of the pro-child abuse community, to the effect that Te Government is using various diversionary tactics to avoid the consequences of the referendum on child-beating – the imperative of changing the Crimes Act to allow Christian Fundamentalists to torture their children with weapons (as James Dobson – principal sponsor of the No means Yes campaign – once said, "a little bit of pain goes a long way"). The mutterers further allege that Te Government's agents of influence are complicit in these stratagems.

J'accuse, M. Farrar! Your attempt to divert readers with Nancy Wake clearly is one such move. There is nothing (apart from kittehs) more distracting than honours and awards. War heroine - SS - French Resistance - airmen - Gestapo- RSA - this will keep them busy for weeks. Of course, it is outrageous that she has not been given the highest award this country can offer; {sotto voce} until one remembers that she was two years of age when she was taken from this country by her parents.

Just follow the thread, children, and don't look around you.



David Farrar said...

Yes me devoting one of my ten posts a day to Nancy Wake will knock the smacking referendum off the agenda.

And how cunning it was of me to convince Nancy Wake to be born 97 years ago on a day which would result in her birthday being just a few days after the smacking referendum, to give me the excuse to blog about her.

Samuel said...

@David: I could be wrong, but I'm reading this as a humourous post with a barb to it, not full-on serious business...

Paul said...

What Samuel said.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this. Other countries are concerned about human rights violations in post-Saddam Iraq and we're still wittering on about spanking?!!

Craig Y