Sunday, August 12, 2012

French Disko

Here in France, like New Zealand, same-sex marriage is presented to a puzzled population under the banner of equality. And who can fight against equality? 
Well, some French friends put the notion of equality under examination. They say same-sex marriage "n'est pas l'egalite, il s'agit de la liberte". It's not about equality; it's about liberty. 
Governments who choose to redefine marriage seldom understand what they're doing. "Il a toute la laideur de la fierte." It has all the ugliness of pride.     

Gentle reader Craig Young discovered this curiosity from the ODT, written by none other than Bruce Logan. We have not heard from him for a while. Its seems that Bruce fetched up in France, like Oscar Wilde. Or perhaps, like Tony Hancock, he heard the barbarians at the gate and fled to Paris to realise his dream of being an artist. But there he seems to have fallen in with the Lettrists and decided to stop making sense.

Anyway, here's Stereolab again. Please excuse the writhing dancers, but this is from The Word, an often annoying mid-90s show that nevertheless had some top musical moments, of which this is one.


Anonymous said...

Naughty, naughty Paul! The Situationists and Lettrists had political nous on their side, but Brucey is just a tragic left over from those other Noughties...

Craig Y

Rob's Blockhead Blog said...

That Hancock piece...ah. My favourite bit is when his landlady complains about the colour he painted some ducks, and he explains 'well, they take off at a fair old lick, and you just have to whack down whatever colour is on the brushes at the time' or something similar.