Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crossing the Red Sea with Alex Müller

Sometimes, you post things on Internet, things you think are wonderful, things you want to share, things like this piece of film:

Then people come to your website and are astonished by your film, by what it says about nature. Your film makes many happy.

And then along comes Alex Müller.

You see the thing about Alex, don't you? Alex knows better than everyone else. Alex posts after everyone else, so that Alex can have the last word.  Alex has a Facebook page. His pictures speak a thousand words. There are many Alex Müllers on Internet. They help make it a more miserable place.

Speaking of raw footage, here are The Adverts on 25th May1977 at Sussex University. Star Wars was realeased on the same day, if that sort of thing matters to you. This has been posted here to show you kids that everything you know about Punk is wrong. Note if you will, the absence of punks. Although the Adverts were playing support to the Clash on the now legendary White Riot tour, things are a bit quiet. This was a Wednesday night in Brighton and the usual crowd turned up.  Gaye Advert is probably the only woman in the room. You can see the "ferocious" performance by The Clash here.

This blogeur saw The Adverts in 1977 at Maidstone College of Art. The usual crowd turned up. It was one of the best nights of my life.

You get bonus points (and points mean prizes) if you can identify the source of the picture. It is a film.

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