Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grey Lynn state of mind

Today is the day for the Fundy Post Quiz of the Day. The rules are simple: examine carefully this photograph from yesterday's Glucina and answer the following questions:

1) is that Sally Ridge or estranged wife Carita?

2) Can they be easily distinguished or do all these people look alike?

3) If one were one of these people, would it really matter with whom one went home, given that they are all alike?

4) Would the children know the difference?

5) Who is that large man who made the unfortunate decision to dress up as an Arab?

6) Could it be Duncan Garner, who always appears in the weekly Glucina?

7) Am I the only member of the twittering class who reads this column?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address. The Editor's decision is final. The winners may be announced at a later date, but don't hold your horses.

In the meantime, here is David Bowie again, singing that song again and telling a story about Steve Marriot.


Stephen Stratford said...

#7: quite possibly. I never have before, and I never will again. It's like bagpipes, the cronut or Clare Curran - what exactly is the point of it?

Paul said...

A future post on this blog will be about bagpipes, the cronut and Clare Curran.

GEB said...

Where is the story about Steve Marriott. (Super big talent, sadly no longer with us)

Paul said...

Sorry, GEB, something went wrong. Normal service has now been resumed: Steve Marriott story included.

Peter in Dundee said...

the point of the Great Pipes is the stir the hearts of all True Scotsmen and Scotswomen.

Having shared a house here in Scotland with a daughter learning the pipes I can attest that with all drones going they are LOUD in a confined space. Fortunately the neighbours, all Scottish (unsurprisingly) attested that they liked the pipes so did not mind.

Paul said...

Sorry Peter, your comment was sent by the filter into the spam bin and I did not see it.

I agree about the purpose of the pipes. Sassenachs cannot hear them correctly.