Sunday, March 18, 2007

Found on Internet; provenance unknown


harvestbird said...

I've yet to come up with a witty reply to this, but I do think it's very funny.

Heh heh heh. Manatee.

Stephen said...

If you did make a witty reply, I would hate you. I would sea cow and destroy.

(OK, it needs a little work).

Anonymous said...

oh paul :(

Samuel said...

I sense this was sort of a placeholder update until you wallop the red off the fundies' necks again - but I'll contribute with a slightly *newer* meme, one that would probably have the people at Family First up in arms (if they looked at any vid sharing site other than GodTube).


harvestbird said...

Stephen, if you did destroy me, my heart would go on, as surely as that of Sea Lion Dion.

(Too much?)

Anonymous said...

Goodness! An airbourne Gerry Brownlee experiencing a hot air mishap!!!

Craig Y