Saturday, March 24, 2007

A spy in the house of dull

I am informed that my former employers have placed a notice in the members' newsletter to say that the Fundy Post is not an official publication of the New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists (Inc).

I am glad they cleared up any ambiguity. I don't know about you, but I think only a spectacularly dim member would think this blog an official NZARH publication, since I am consistently rude about the Association and its inactivites. However, if you were under this delusion, I am sorry to disappoint you. You can at least console yourself by reading some of the fascinating articles in the NZARH Journal.

Even better, you can go along tomorrow to the Open Forum on the National Statement on Religious Diversity. I am sure it will be a hoot. I would go but the NZARH filed a trespass order against me.

On the other hand, you could stick around here. I have nothing positive to say about Planetary Humanism but I do occasionally post really good cartoons, such as this one from Wondermark. It was sent to me by Samuel. ROFLMAO

postscript: this one is good as well.


Anonymous said...

Love those cartoons! But dude, is there really a trespass order against you? What did you do?

Paul said...

Yes, there is, but I did nothing to earn it. I think they were scared I would come back and haunt them. Trespass orders are very easy to get - you don't need proof or anything; and there is no appeal.

The effect is I cannot go to the next annual general meeting to appeal against being expelled from the Association. I expect they had that in mind when they sought the order.

David Farrar said...

Paul - have you written anywhere the full story of what happened with the NZARH? It sounds a fascinating one.

Paul said...

DPF, not publicly but I must do it some time. Watch this space.