Thursday, March 29, 2007

The uncertainty of the poet

Faith, my flatmate, gave me some bananas. I was reminded of the video on Godtube, to which I linked a few posts back. Here is a viewers' guide to that video, which can be seen in full here.

The two men who present this video are sitting on high stools which are on a rug beside a lake. These men obviously want to be close to nature, which is God's Creation, but not that close.

The man on the right is Kirk Cameron. He is an actor. He played Mike Seaver in Growing Pains. When his acting career stalled... sorry, when he accepted Jesus into his heart, he started evangelising with the man on the left.

The man on the left is Ray Comfort. He is a New Zealander. He came from Christchurch. He is very big in the United States, where he preaches outdoors. He lives in Bellflower, California, a long way from New Zealand. For over two years, he preached outside the Bellflower courthouse almost every day, until the judge issued a court order forbidding him from preaching on court property; the judge had earlier made the public property outside the court, where Comfort preached, court property. Comfort sells millions of tracts each year. Most are of the same intellectual standard as this video.

The type of banana which Ray uses in this video is a Cavendish. It was not created by God but developed by banana growers from a plant found in Saigon. It is one of 300 varieties of banana, many of which are quite difficult to either hold or eat. The banana Ray is holding and eating is a clone. Cavendish bananas are propagated asexually. The Cavendish is the most popular cultivar of banana in the West, although its future is threatened by a fungal disease called Fusarium wilt. Whether God designed Fusarium wilt may be known only to Ray, who claims to receive his teachings directly from Jesus. There are no bananas in the Bible.

The people to whom Kirk talks in this video are claimed to be Atheists, although Ray says they are really agnostics. Ray does not really know what is an Atheist, although that does not matter to him.

Kirk does not seem to have much success using Ray's techniques for sharing the Love of Christ with Atheists. The first man to whom Kirk talks does not seem that bright. The second one is an Intellectual, as can be seen by his glasses and beard. His comments have been edited, crudely. The other Atheist is a woman. She is hot. She is also smarter than Kirk. Neither Kirk nor Ray realise this.

This video contains absolutely no homoerotic sub-text.

The painting above is by Giorgio di Chirico. Making images like this contravenes the Second Commandment, a fact that men like Ray and Kirk never mention. This painting inspired this poem by Wendy Cope.


stumblebunny said...

Wonder how many atheists were cut out of that clip? Especially if they came back with the logical counter:

"Cars are not alive. They can't reproduce sexually."

harvestbird said...

My standard two teacher used to read to us from the tracts of Comfort, the better to keep us off drugs.

Part of the four percent, yo'. I also like the analogising of a well-made banana in terms of the can of soft drink. I too appreciate a banana which "when you pull the tab, the contents don't squirt in your face".

Eric Olthwaite said...

You should be taken out and shot for not including this video...

Anonymous said...

I remember the moronic little creep. So that's where he went after Christchurch. Incidentally, you should have seen one of Little Raymond's kinkier tracts, loosely based on Aaron Cohen and Malaysia, with a crotch-grabbing dungeon master whipping an enthusiastic bloke who volunteered for CHP to provide a silly comparison to the Christian principle of atonement.

Silly little man.

Craig Y