Monday, May 07, 2007

You're too obscure for me

This is the Verlaines. You can tell this video was made in Dunedin because everyone wears overcoats indoors. That's not cigarette smoke in the video; it's steam.

The enthusiast who posted this to You Tube summed it up thus: "bunny hops around while band play really cool song."

You can see Stephen Malkmus covering this song at Amplifier here but you have to register for Amplifer and use Windows Media Player. Despite this, it is worth it. Alternatively, you could watch Alt TV until they play it again or you could buy the Very Short Films DVD.


STC said...

Yes! Buy the Very Short Films DVD, I own it and it is excellent.

Pablo said...

I was never so proud as a fan of NZ music as when Pavement played Anything Could Happen during their first tour here at the Powerstation, must have been 1993 I think.