Monday, May 21, 2007

Darwin's Beagle

Some fundies believe that Cyclone Tracy was a manifestation of God's wrath. The cyclone hit Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territories, on Christmas Day in 1974. It killed seventy-one people and destroyed more than seventy percent of the city's buildings. As an article about the city from Answers in Genesis concludes:
No wonder some have suggested ‘Tracy’ was intended to ‘wake up’ a drunken community and to warn a decadent, godless Australia. Ironic that the city involved was named after Charles Darwin, the man whose work on evolution has been a singularly significant cause of such godlessness.
It may be a good time for the citizens to take a holiday, because Richard Dawkins is on the television.

With thanks to Craig


Anonymous said...

" "He seems so nice, but can say such shocking things." As he does in Root of All Evil?

For example, his statement that the God of the Old Testament is jealous, petty, vindictive and unforgiving."

Pass the f*cking smelling salts.

Paul said...

It is all a bit overwrought but it sells a lot of books.