Friday, May 25, 2007

WTF a go go

I know I keep linking to NZ Conservative and I am sorry if it is beginning to bore you; but it is a phase I am going throught and it is such fun. Take, for example, the comment here, by one Greg Bourke:
You know I disagree with the "political poitions must be based on positives" argument.
Here's an analogy:
Consider a philosophical position as terrain (or a Cartesian space). Surely philosophy with its subtle dimensions is as rich as a natural vista?
Terrain is made up of colours, textures, shades, gradients, and altitudes as is philosophy. The opposite of a valley (theism) is not a bottomless pit (a void) but is a hill (atheism). Or vice versa.

Just as a hill contributes to terrain and the aesthetic of the vista so to does a valley.

In such a way atheism contributes to positions but doesn't make any conclusion a fait accompli, as you say.
Say what? Cartesian space, subtle dimensions, colours, textures, shades gradients...altitudes?

What are they putting in communion wafers these day?


Anonymous said...

I assume by evolutionists you mean intelligent designers! Well believers in intelligent design, because they are not drawing intelligent conclusions at all.

Speaking of intelligence, some intelligence is being directed towards our old Exclusive Brethren friends in Australia. May be worth a separate discussion at some stage.

Anonymous said...

I know I keep linking to NZ Conservative

It's pretty addictive . . .