Sunday, July 15, 2007

Grand Link clear-out

I have been going through my bookmarks. Here are some links you might want to follow.

Colin Bower on the The Epistemology of wine.

Gay Talese on some Americans in Paris.

Jon Zobenica on men's magazines.

Sarah Vine on How To Talk About Books You Haven't Read.

Lynsey Hanley on How to be Right.

Barbara Ehrenreich on the history of Depression.

Michael Bywater on Evil.

Joan Acocella on typing.

Wayne Koestenbaum on Mallarmé.

Jonathan Jones on Richard Serra.

Hermione Lee on the novel.

Christopher Hart on a flat Earth.

Peter Buchanan on the tower.

Robert R Harris on drink.

Here are the Junior Boys:


harvestbird said...

Concerning the Ehrenreich article: perhaps it is a sign of the extent to which depressive illness has encroached in my life that I think a whole lot of people coming round to my house to play music, dance and generally cheer me up would be a special kind of ugh. I'm more than happy to go into town and pay door charge for such occasions, however.

Paul said...

I would doubtless suffer an anxiety attack because of worrying about providing hospitality for the revellers.