Monday, July 30, 2007


Maia discusses Iraq and asks who do you want to win?

How about nobody? Yes, that works for me; I want nobody to win in Iraq. Unlike some of my fellow leftists, I do not think of the men who plant the bombs as the resistance. I do not believe these men are courageously fighting foreign occupation, engaged in a war against American Imperialism.

I think the bakers might agree.


Jake said...

Looks like the New Zealand Labour Party came out a winner in Iraq. Not a big winner, of course, but by not joining in they saved real money and generated political capital that they still use against National. In fact, these days its just about the only political capital they have left.

So there's a winner you can get behind, Paul.

Sam Finnemore said...

Who's going to win in Iraq? Everyone who stayed the hell out in the first place.

Craig Ranapia said...


"It's not all about us," is a phrase I'd like to see enter discussion of Iraq a lot more. Strange as it may sound, I don't think your average Iraqi really gives a flying fuck at a donut about the electoral timetables of the US, UK, Australia or New Zealand. And nor should they...

Frank Stupid said...

One gets to the point, just as with the Israel/Palestine conflict, where it's pointless to support one side or the other, because despite the merits of each side's claims, they're all a such a bunch of slimey pricks it's hard to stomach going anywhere near them. Let's just dig a big fricking trench, flood the place, and make it a whale sanctury.

One has to have a perverse admiration for a bunch of people who can fuck up a country more than Saddam ever did.

Mind you, I do like bakers ... but let's face it, they'd never to able to share the place with the whales.

Anonymous said...

Certainly not the Iraqi people, sadly. Yes, Saddam was a vicious bastard who gassed hundreds of thousands of Kurds in Halabbja and Salmanniya in 1988. However, he engineered a situation where his dictatorship totally undermined Iraqi civil society. With him gone, fratricidal civil war is the result. Certainly, Shia death squads insure the lives of Iraqi gay men are no easier. On the other hand, al Qaeda's Sunni death squads target the Shias in their turn.

It's a wretched nihilist quagmire.

Craig Y.