Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Take the skinheads shopping

Fascists: not just a threat to liberal democracy but so difficult to find the perfect gift for. But now there's an answer for those difficult-to-please white supremacist friends and family: Aryan Wear.

Run by White Nationalists for White Nationalists, Aryan Wear has everything for the stylish and fashion-conscious racialist. How about a fetching pair of Afrikakorps Shorts, which goes so well with the Volk und Vaterland Polo shirt and the SS Loyalty Zip Up Hoodie? Suits you, sir. And to keep the rain off your fascist threads, nothing beats the Iron Cross Umbrella.

For the ladies, the Camo Blazer combines fashion and military camo for an aggressive style, yet the Pink Pleated Plaid Mini Skirt seems out of place; the  Very Happy Hitler Cotton Thong Bikini defies description.

In case you are worried about who is making your purchases, Aryan Wear has an ethics policy.

If you are still looking for your fascist baby, try Aryan dating.

Here's Camper van Beethoven:


Anonymous said...

Best first line for a post ever.

Anonymous said...

IS this any different from US fundie consumerism, though...?

Craig Y

Psycho Milt said...

The happy-Hitler thong pictured below a Tiger tank travelling a road of skulls certainly sums up something about fascos, I'm just not sure what exactly.

Sam Finnemore said...

Interesting to see their Spartan memorial T-shirt, especially in light of this rather good post from eXile, a Moscow based alt.mag:


Jake said...

Best first line for a post ever.

Quoted for truthiness.

Anonymous said...

Re that dating site, how is it different to these ones?: