Friday, July 27, 2007

Arts and letters

Other places on Internet may offer you rather distasteful video clips, such as tramps fighting and skateboarders suffering unpleasant injuries. The Fundy Post, however, has the noblest intentions of civility and culture. So when this blog brings you a fight, it is between a writer and an actor. It also has French subtitles.

The following bohemian death-match is from Norman Mailer's 1971 film, Maidstone. It features Mr Rip Torn attacking Mr Mailer with a hammer, quite unexpectedly, and Mr Mailer biting a chunk out of Mr Torn's ear. The film is being shown in a retrospective in New York at present. You can read more about it in the NYT, The New York Sun and Time.


Sam Finnemore said...

"Now that's an actor."

Anonymous said...

damn. that's some powerful footage.

more real that most drunken brawls i've seen.