Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Luring disco dollies to a life of vice

This could be the great rallying call of the age: no marginalisation without hedonism. It seems the gays, the lesbians and the bisexuals (who want it all and want it now) are taking more than their fair share of the drugs, the alcohol and, of course, the fags.

Naughty boys, girls and ladyboys. It seems the fundies don't want any of it but they don't want you to have it either.

Elsewhere on The Briefing Room, Ian seems to suggest that Science is being contaminated by Atheists, with their naturalistic worldviews.


Anonymous said...

Why does Wishfart feel obligated to channel junk science from the Discovery Institute and Area Research Network so incessantly?


Sam Finnemore said...

As much as I personally dislike the poor reasoning and fallacious arguments that appear in TBR comments, things are at least a lot more civil and (gosh!) closer to being "constructive" than the average Kiwiblog comments bunfight.

One of the earliest commentators on this latest Wishart piece got it right: the ranks of science aren't filled with atheists seeking evidence for their "beliefs", but rather depleted of theists who cannot reconcile their beliefs with the evidence and therefore do not take part.

Some theists of course can reconcile faith with the pure scientific process, and I suspect they are in tune with the majority of the faithful today. The Genesis creation story, as I studied it in school, reflected a blend of accepted Judaic "earth science" at the time (that time being up to 1000 BCE) retold in a way that emphasised God's role in the creation of the world. Most believers I have met have no problem with divorcing the now unsatisfactory flat earth/vault of heaven/7 days model from what they see as the more important moral: that God bestowed order upon the universe we know.

Anonymous said...

Jim Anderton - the ultimate fundy.

Anonymous said...

That's unfair. I disagree with Jim A on his opposition to sex work, death with dignity, and criminalising BZP.

On the other hand, I am strongly behind his anti-P stance, and he's been quite solid over issues like Section 59 Repeal, LGBT rights and women's reproductive choice.

Try Mad Moo Newman and Stephen Franks. Or worse still, Gordon

Craig Y