Friday, July 06, 2007

A jihad against women

Apropos our robust discussion about Islam, the left and women, I post this piece by Christopher Hitchens with the risk of offending almost everybody.

Libby Purves in the Times has a collection of Muslim reactions to the events in London and Glasgow.


Sam Finnemore said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes.... Mr Hitchens might like to read the following analysis from a former army bomb disposal chap:

By page 2 his spleen is vented and you get the meat of it. None of the cars could possibly have been bombs. There might have been a fireball, but no nails flying.

Hitchens might be right in terms of the clown's intent, but their capability was so woeful it was a pipedream.

in Jutevile

Terence said...

hhhmmm...I don't know if I can stomach Hitchens this late in the evening. Anyhow, if you're interested, I've blogged a sort-of response to your original post here.

Paul said...

Peter, than you for the link. It says something about the NHS that they employ idiots like these people.

Terence, thanky you. I will comment.

Andrei said...

That post from Libby Purves is just asinine.

"Normal Muslims: humming with rage and shame" Huh?

But the only quote she can come up with is from one Patricia Dunn who says

"The Prophet was a Progressive. He didn't ask about a person's religion, sexual orientation, or how many times they prayed that day before he decided to open his heart to them. Whether you are female, male, gay, straight, tall, short, Christian, or Jew, the Prophet knew you were like him, one of God's creatures."

Which demonstrates absolute cluelessness about the life of Mohammed and life in Islamic lands.

Psycho Milt said...

Nothing offensive there from Hitchens - seems a fairly accurate summing-up of the situation to me.