Monday, July 09, 2007

More from the truthiness blog

Confronted with evidence that gays and lesbians differ physiologically, I M Fletcher argues "maybe their are physiological differences between gays and straights but the question is whether these differences are the cause of homosexuality or because of the lifestyle that is led."

Two thoughts:

1. Does this mean that, if you listen to too much Sophie Ellis-Bextor, one morning you could wake up left-handed?

2. If gay sex changes your fingerprints, it is no wonder the police cannot find those lesbian gangs.


Sam Finnemore said...

I've made what is in my opinion an epic comment on that thread, and I'll probably leave it there, barring some extraordinary provocation.

Apathy Jack said...

I love Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and I'm left-handed.

It's the left-footers you've got to watch out for...

Anonymous said...

Eek! Polyester stupidity virus link!!! Danger, danger!!!

Craig Y

Lyndon said...

Just though I'd share this one:
Students Trade Bibles for Porn

Anonymous said...

Ah. SEB is interviewed in the "How Gay Are You" section of the May 07 Attitude! And very, apparently.

Craig Y