Sunday, July 29, 2007

News 29/7

Da Vinci code theories crash Last Supper websites
Jesuits take word of God to Second Life
Pope Benedict admits evidence for evolution
Religion joins US election debate
Red-faced church sorry for blue dean
Rising violence in schools blamed on discipline changes
MySpace Finds 29,000 Sex Offenders
'Gay' rally in Georgia cancelled

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Craig Ranapia said...

Religion joins US election debate

Oh, crap... How about we forget Mitt Romney is a Mormon and focus on the man's inability to find a question he hasn't come down on both sides of, at one time or another depending on who he was talking to at the time?

Naive as it may sound, I'll give most of the American electorate a little more credit than The Age does. Remember eight years back, when we were reading all these breathless non-think pieces on whether "America was ready" for a Jooo being a heartbeat away from the Oval Office - even on the Sabbath? I think the answer was 'I think we are' - because I don't recall seeing any credible polling that even suggested Lieberman's religion was a motivator for GOP voters.