Friday, July 06, 2007


I am not one to shoot fish in a barrel, because it is (a) cruel and (b) unusual; besides, the fish would have enough problems of their own simply by being in the barrel. However, like so many things (including the Creation) it is a metaphor. All of which is a roundabout way of getting to the latest posting by Mr Tips.

Mr Tips has learned that lesbian gangs are bashing and raping young girls. Now, I like to think of Mr Tips as Newman to my Seinfeld but here he is simply helping me: "at first I thought this was some kind of crank scenario, dreamed up by a bored new reporter, but apparently not." No, apparently not; Mr Tips read this story on Lifesite News, which picked it up from Fox News, specifically, The O'Reilly Factor.

You can see where I am headed here, can't you? Lifesite-Fox-O'Reilly: this is not a story that one could take at face value, unless one were of the same mind as Mr Tips. And a little searching reveals that the Southern Poverty Law Center already has done the necessary background checks.

For the benefit of those conservatives with limited attention spans, I will summarise: the story is a load of tosh. There is no national network of lesbian gangs; in the only specific case cited in the O'Reilly story, two of the three lesbians were men; there are no pink glocks (I mean, really, how would you paint a gun pink? I thought these conservatives were supposed to know about guns) and the television report from Memphis which figured strongly in the story was a fantasy.

See, that wasn't difficult, was it? All I had to do was Google. But the best fact of the SPL Center story, I have saved until last: the O'Reilly reporter goes to church in Landover.

Here's Le Tigre:


Sam Finnemore said...

I'm impressed.

Has this little gem made it to yet?

Anonymous said...

Well done, Paul.

The really worrying thing to me is that Mr Tips, who has responded: "I don't see how my post is disproved by the Fundy Post", is a medical researcher. I hope I never get any kind of illness that depends on his kind of logic for a cure.

Paul said...

Those car bombers in London and Glasgow were medical professionals as well. What is going on?

Anonymous said...

IS he a Landover Baptist...???

Craig Y

Paul said...

No, he attends a real church in a real Landover, Maryland.