Monday, July 02, 2007

A short post about cheese

At dinner on Sunday night, I learned that GK Chesterton had lamented that poets did not write about cheese. Thanks to the wonders of Internet, I can bring you Chesterton's essay: it has been re-published on the Wensleydale Blog, which I am sure you all read.

Now, I loathe Chesterton with a passion and not just because he is a favourite of mine enemy, Mr Tips (whose present concern is with the the dissidents in the Sisters of Mercy). So it gave me great pleasure to discover that Chesterton obviously knew nothing of James McIntyre, the Cheese Poet of Oxford County, Ontario.

On an unrelated note, my favourite Wikipedia article at present is that on the Oxford comma, which was the subject of a poem by Elizabeth Smither.


Mags said...

When I read the quote at the top of NZ Conservative, I misread the last line as "if we love these, we are conquered." It was a nice twist.

I've been reading your blog for a while and really enjoying it, thanks!

Educated rita said...

My life has lately been blighted by a proofreader who thinks that "that" is unnecessary. I'm finding solace in wikipedia:

He said that that 'that' that that man used was wrong.

A poem would be better, though.

Paul said...

Lovely Rita, metre maid: I am, too, an extractor of thats. They are clutter.