Saturday, July 07, 2007


Over at a previous story, Sam is concerned about becoming a case study of an "overly soft liberal."

Be not of faint heart, Sam. It is not softness or liberalism which is your failing, it is a commitment to argument and facts. You think with your head, while your opponents know with their hearts. You see, they understand (in the sense of that word which means "feel") that it is not truth that matters; it is Truthiness.

Here is an example: you can find out about our country here. Soft-hearted liberals might think there is more to say about New Zealand, more truthful things at that; but they think, they do not feel.

So Jake, you and I concern ourselves with what we can know; while Mr Tips knows that lesbian gangs are violating schoolgirls (with sex toys bought on Internet) and Ian Wishart knows that Intelligent Design is a scientific theory that disproves Evolution.

This is the sound of the suburbs.

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Huskynut said...

Ah, The Members.. happy times. :-) I cultured many a zit to that album..