Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vers une architecture

He first teleports me to his studio, where he is sitting at a glass table outside his showroom smoking a giant cigarette, with what appears to be a female slave in a trance kneeling at his feet. "Greetings Vitruvius," he says, and shakes my hand. Actually, he puts his hand through my back because I'm facing the wrong way.

The Guardian reports on the practice of architecture in Second Life.


Lyndon said...

Somewhere on the Ctrl Shift 07 website (http://www.ctrlshift07.com/) - they were running a virtual architecture competition as part of the architecture student congress - someone was saying they'd concluded much of the architecture in second life is dull, and for a reason.

It's typical purpose is completely different there - it's mostly to define the virtual space on a 2D screen, so you do well to use fairly standard and repetitive forms. If you do something interesting, people might not know where they stand on it. Ahahaha.

The conference also ran a "Petcha Kucha" night, which I was going to go to but got the time completely wrong. Discussion at WellUrban.

gregorios pharmakis said...

trying to enter a petcha kucha night is not always easy.