Sunday, April 05, 2009

But is it art?

We looking for young performer for special art and entertainment videos and chats.

What you have to do:

art performance and presentation in front of camera or webcam

We are searching open-minded women and men who will act as a performer in several art chats and videos.

We are located in Auckland Glendowie.

You can start asap.

Full time, part time and on a casual basis (it s up to you/working times to be discuss)

Salary is between 25,- and 45,- NZ$ per hour or 100,- to 250,- NZD per session/video

You don't need to bring any particular skills!

This advertisement, which appeared on Seek, gives some encouragement to art lovers in these troubled times. Not only is Performance Art alive and well and living in Glendowie (of all places) but it pays rather well.

Jacques Brel:


Lyndon said...

I'm in the habit of saying that by the time the question arises, it probably is art - the actual quesiton usually beign whether it's any good.

So. Um...

Perhaps it's secretly ironic?

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can you buy these things as advertising now?]

PC said...

Perhaps I can go and show them some of my topless architecture. :-)

Paul said...

"You'll have to pay extra if you want Brutalism, dearie."

Jesús Miguel said...

Hello, You took this picture from:

Las Meninas

without the corresponding permision. I am afraid I have to ask you to remove this picture from your blog or to link the original source.

Best regards,
Jesús Miguel

Paul said...

No, I did not. But I will remove it anyway.