Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Dumb and dumber

A statement released by Fox News said that the company and Roger Friedman had "mutually agreed to part ways immediately". The studio also weighed in to say that Friedman's behaviour was "reprehensible" and that it "condemned this act categorically".

That events should have come to this pass should not be too surprising. Not only did Friedman offer his opinion on the early cut of the film on his Fox 411 blog, joining the estimated one million people who have seen it since it first emerged last week, but he also praised the convenience of downloading films illegally and pointed out that the entire current US box office top 10 was available on torrent sites. "It's so much easier than going out in the rain!" he wrote.
In which a film critic makes a career decision.

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Giovanni said...

So Fox News is okay for a critic reviewing a theatrical release in crappy bootleg form in front of a computer screen? That part seems far more outrageous to me than the fact that the movie was downloaded illegally.