Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am in love with my stalker

I liked me better when I was an alcoholic. I was skinnier and happier and I had more friends. Now I'm just lonely.
From SecretTweet: it's like a text-based real-time Postsecret, but you don't need Photoshop to play. Here's another:
I work at a group home for a disabled elderly christian couple, and sometimes I draw syrup pentagrams on their pancakes just for fun.
Here's a third:
I date new people mainly to rifle through their medicine cabinets.
And a fourth:
When I see I have a text, my heart begins to hope it's a friend who wants to see how I'm doing. But it never is. It's just twitter.
Oh. It's fun for about five tweets, then you realise how unhappy a lot of people are; and they don't even have Photoshop skills. And they let strangers comment on their unhappiness.

Heaven knows, I'm miserable now.

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