Friday, April 10, 2009

If wishes were horses

Cohen also confirms the key fact that not all Palestinians are the enemies of Israel – something I have documented for more recent times. This offers cause for hope; indeed, were the 20 percent of Palestinians who accept Israel expanded to 60 percent, the Arab-Israeli conflict would close down. Such a Palestinian change of heart – and not more "painful concessions" by Israel – should be the goal of every would-be peacemaker.
As a would-be peacemaker, it is your duty to convince Palestinians to accept Israel. It's a hearts and minds thing. On the other hand, you might prefer to ask how Daniel Pipes gets away with writing this sort of thing, and constantly referencing his own work while reviewing that of another.

Partyhat-tip to HTML Mencken

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HORansome said...

You ask the very question I would like an answer to. Pipe's ability to back himself up with a reference to himself is a wonder to behold.