Thursday, April 23, 2009

Le Rouge et le Noir

One little known fact about Folsom Prison, which is not mentioned in the lyrics of Johnny Cash's blues of that name, was that its prisoners were mostly Gingas, with a few Bruthas thrown in for local colour. Spire Christian Comics revealed the awful truth of Ginga criminality in its Hello, I'm Johnny Cash, [PDF] the raw, unvarnished story of The Man in Black's descent into redhead hell. It is not just at the prison either; everywhere in Johnny's life were redheads, beautiful, seductive pill-pushing redheads.

But not all gingas are bad. Johnny's own family was rusty, as were the Carter Family. Even Johnny himself went through redheaded phases. Or did Spire Christian Comics have problems with four-colour printing? Perhaps we will never know.

Or care. This comic's hair-colour bar is its most interesting feature. Of course, some questions arise, such as why his daughters were Asian. Otherwise, it manages the singular feat of making Johnny Cash dull. He sings, he drinks, he takes pills, he quits, he starts again. And so on and so on. Until it stops, when Jesus makes Johnny's life full. And that's it. Rock 'n' roll.


Vincent Warner said...

My god that cat looks scared - I would be too, you never know when gingivitis will strike

Samuel said...

"you never know when gingivitis will strike"

Rust never sleeps, etc.

George said...

Is that cat from the Lol breed?

I've heard they make good pets, because they act a lot like people. Not much of a cat person myself.

Anonymous said...

Its name is Tubcat, and I believe it can fly. However, landing may be a problem for it...

Craig Y