Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ghost town

Outside the shop, I meet a man named Peter Waldren, who runs a B&B a few doors down. He is keener to make the connection; he markets his guest house as being adjacent to the first woman prime minister's birthplace. Does it work?

He gets a few who are interested. Mostly foreigners. "This German chap came to stay a while back," he says, "and he said he understood he was staying close to where Margaret Thatcher was born." When the German expressed surprise at the fact there wasn't more of a memorial, Waldren explained to him how the former prime minister was not necessarily loved among her own people. The German visitor thought about this for a moment. After a while he said: "It is always the way with politicians in their own country. In Germany, it was the same with Hitler."
The Guardian visits Grantham.


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