Friday, April 10, 2009

Situation vacant

The 20th century is well behind us, but we have not yet learned to live in the 21st, or at least to think in a way that fits it. That should not be as difficult as it seems, because the basic idea that dominated economics and politics in the last century has patently disappeared down the plughole of history. This was the way of thinking about modern industrial economies, or for that matter any economies, in terms of two mutually exclusive opposites: capitalism or socialism.
Eric Hobsbawm


Giovanni said...

Hobsbawm: you and me, outside.

(Although I did like the bit where he said that London universities could collectively field a football team of Nobel Prize winners. I want to buy season tickets for that team.)

Paul said...

It was the socialism thing, wasn't it?

Giovanni said...

Indeed it was. I find this idea that all we can aspire to is a more kindly capitalism a very convenient conclusion from the Hobsbawms of this world.