Friday, November 13, 2009

The Dean and I

Dear Professor,

I would be grateful if you would send me the details of how this case was investigated: who was appointed to investigate, what evidence was presented, what judgment was made. I would appreciate you providing original documents, rather than summaries. If you are unwilling to provide such information, I will obtain it by way of an Official Information Act request.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Litterick


Deborah said...

You're a champion, Paul.

I know that as a lecturer, my university nodding and winking at one of its staff engaging in plagiarism would seriously undermine my efforts to ensure that my students don't engage in it. NB: I'm not at Auckland University.

Capcha: demerize

Giovanni said...
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Giovanni said...

Is it worth linking to Auckland University's guidelines concerning plagiarism? They have a Turnitin policy so I assume Professor Ihimaera was asked to provide an electronic copy of his work.

Keri h said...

Paul - this is a public service!
I look forward, very much, to reading the response.

(Anybody else get the impression that both the U of A and Geoff Walker of Penguin really hoped this was an episode that would die immediately Witi Ihimaera apologised?)

The Reluctant Botanist said...

Hmmmmm...having sat on the Discipline Committee myself, I would suggest that they may not be able to release those documents to you due - employment law, privacy law. We were never allowed to release the information, only present a summary of considerations and decisions...