Saturday, November 14, 2009

We don't need no Fascist scout thang

I never intended writing a book and never considered myself a writer - just a pastor and teacher of the Word of God. During 2008 as I was finishing writing Holocaust Exposed I remembered the visions of 1997 and realized that this book did in fact have sixteen chapters as the vision revealed. But more amazing was the event that then followed. In November 2008 when I had finished writing the manuscript, and having gone through it again and again to correct mistakes and make slight adjustments, I then said to the Lord:

"Lord, I have done as much as I can to this manuscript and I can do no more. I will have to put this into the hands of a professional editor to polish it up".

Then out of interest I decided to find out how many words were in the book by going to the tools menu on Microsoft Word and clicking on "Word Count". When I did this my mouth dropped open as I read the word count as 77,777 words.

I do not believe in the magic of numbers or sequences but I do know that the number seven in the Bible is very significant as pertaining to God and to completion. When I saw the 77777 I knew it was God's signature on the book and then again I remembered the vision of 1997 when after sixteen chapters the Lord said "Confirmed me".
One cannot help but think that, had God put the Old Testament into the hands of a professional editor, we all might have been saved a lot of bother. But that is besides the point. The point is that Pastor Nigel Woodley of Flaxmere is totally hatstand.

What did the Jews do to deserve people like Pastor Woodley, awful little men who live in awful little places like Flaxmere and spend their awful little lives obsessing about the Chosen People? It is not as if the likes of Pastor Woodley care about the Jews. Quite the opposite: the want them to become Christians, and they want them in Israel, because then the world will end. Why, you might ask, do the likes of Pastor Woodley want the world to end? Because they are weird, that's why. Anybody who puts his faith in the accuracy of Microsoft Word could only be described as weird.

In other news, anti-Semitic scouts shame Romford.


Rusty said...

It's a shame God couldn't give him some web design tips.

stephen said...

Oh Paul, why did you have to blog about this? What little peace of mind I still retain has been diminished again.

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