Friday, November 13, 2009


The bankruptcy alert was issued under the Insolvency Act 2006 after the High Court at Auckland gave IRD a judgment against Krukziener over money owed on June 3, the notice said.

Krukziener, whose offices were listed as level one of the Harbourview building at 152 Quay St on Auckland's waterfront, was required to pay the money within 10 days or challenge the demand.

Krukziener said from Parnell yesterday that he was exceptionally busy but very pleased with the upgrade of the stately Achilles House on the corner of Customs St and Commerce St.

The heritage building has had a foyer makeover and office floors are gradually being renovated, upgraded and leased.
It is often said, by old journalists, that young journalists do not know the difference between news and PR. Perhaps they have a point, as this example - in which the story of a deeply indebted developer is interrupted to bring you an advertisement for his latest development - shows.

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