Monday, November 08, 2010

It's always sunny in Onehunga

My last commentary on the Herald on Sunday having caused gentle reader Boganette an adverse reaction, I have decided it might be wise to avoid the Herald and instead reprint selected highlights from the Onehunga Community News

A glance through the doorway of Lil'e Roma will confirm there have been no half measures in the design and build of this wood-fired pizza restaurant.

Gleaming at centre stage Chef Parvis Jahanrakshan's Italian eatery at 359 Onehunga Mall is a pizza oven like no other.

Adorned with exquisite marble tiling the oven will, as Parvis has it, provide customers with that authentic, slightly smoky flavour that all wood-fired pizzas boast.

A last minute flurry of activity has put further nails in the coffin containing the Friends of Monte's aspirations to keep the school on its current site.

Have you heard of Hemeobotanicals? This innovative new therapy combines the potency of homeopathy with reliability of herbs to bring about a gentle, effective form of healthcare suitable for the whole family. Hemeobotanical Therapy uses physical and emotional symptoms and vibrations within the body to achieve results.

The first big event on Onehunga's Christmas calender is the inaugural Santa Parade organised by the Onehunga Business Association. This splendid traditional harbinger of Christmas will feature local community groups, schools and businesses marching, singing, riding in floats, playing music, dressing up - all entertaining the crowds.

Why me? Why is it hard to get to work on time? Why is it hard to get to sleep at night? Why do I never get around to doing something I promised? Why does one room always feel cold in the house? Why is the bank account still empty?

Energy is the core of all things. Stuck energy can be in a place or in a situation, or in and around you too, and it really can prevent you from moving forward, leaving you feeling like you are trying to run through quicksand. Some people even fear they have a curse on the family as they feel like a run of bad luck is affecting everyone. When you feel stuck, lost, or disconnected Energy Healing is often all that's needed. Just one session can be extremely helpful. We shift and refresh your energy using Energy Healing.

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Boganette said...

Only one session! Good God that's amazing! If only I lived in Onehunga.