Sunday, November 21, 2010

Almost famous

I am in the Sunday Star Times today, talking about Kevin McCloud, below a profile by Mr Grant Smithies. This, gentle reader, is my first paid piece of writing under my own name; if I could frame this piece of Internet and hang it on my wall, I would. Instead, I shall buy the paper like folk did in the olden days.

I shall also dine out on my story of having spoken to Mr McCloud, who is widely adored - and so he should be: he is a jolly nice chap. Should anyone be looking for an architectural historian to make a television series, please note that I too have posh vowels, erudition and a shabby-genteel wardrobe.

Subway Sect:


Anonymous said...

So jealous! I love Kevin!

Rusty said...

I love it when television fails to be half as clever as it thinks it is.

Deborah said...

Very nice, Paul. I have (ahem) never heard of the show or the man before, but I'll be looking out for the book. Possibly to buy, probably to flick through in the bookshop instead of buying yet another thing.

And congratulations!

Grace Dalley said...

Yay, go Paul!

Sanctuary said...

Well done!

Of course, one just knows that any work commissioned from one with as posh vowels, erudition and a shabby-genteel wardrobe as Mr. McCloud would come with a bill with an eye wateringly large number of zeroes on the end.