Sunday, November 07, 2010

This sporting life

He is an amazing father and a supportive husband. If you are a friend of Andrew's you are a friend forever. He loves getting out with our son, loves the outdoors. He has always been keen on camping and tramping.
Don't forget the shooting. He was so keen on shooting harmless animals that he went out one night and killed a harmless human being. And don't forget that shooting from a public road at night on DOC land is dangerous and illegal.

No let's forget it. Let's lie back and let the Meng-Yee effect take the strain. For this is the work of the reporter who brought us such classics as Plans reveal layout of Mark Hotchin's mansion, Woman targets All Black with private tweets, Pain of P for Keisha and Night club clash may end top model's career. So, back to the loving wife:
We love spending time with our son, we love taking the dog for a walk, we love seeing family at the beach.
Yes, but what about the dead woman, the one who was out enjoying the outdoors when she was killed by hubby? No, it's not about her.
You know from the day I met Andrew I knew he was going to be an amazing father. Just how loving he is. We have seen each other through so much. And he has really supported me. I have been through some tough times. I recently went through post-natal depression but something like this puts your problems into perspective you know.
Yes, perspective: post-natal depression or death - which would you choose? But enough of that; we have more wallowing to do:
Andrew will live with what he has done forever. I could never ever picture Andrew as the 'bad guy'. To see him in this light where he is copping a lot from people who want to put their two cents in and don't know the facts or Andrew...
The facts: shooter shoots camper dead, while shooting illegally - at night, from public road, on DOC land.

And there's more:
What has been on my mind is that Rose will never have the opportunity to get married and have children.
Well, no; the number of opportunities for dead people is zero, but at least the killer's wife can speak of the victim as if she knew her.

And finally:
We are not seeking pity.
Yes you are. You are not going to get any, but that is what you want, that and a lenient sentence.

Of course, it helps that a newspaper will do anything for an exclusive. But you have to wonder what is the Herald on Sunday's policy on death. For the very same issue includes Widower tells of 'hatred' for driver, a story which tells us nothing of the driver's feelings, nor of those of his loved ones. Perhaps the Herald has a wheel of fortune in its Tragedy Office, which the Editor spins to find out what angle will be taken on the story. Or perhaps they just wait for the PR flacks to call, promising exclusive interviews. Who knows?


Boganette said...

That story made me gag. So awful. So tacky.

Anonymous said...

The other side of the coin is that, grossly stupid though it was to do (and worthy of the slammer), he apparently has no previous form and will never do it again. If only this were true for the multitude of other offenders whose horrendous actions are defended on the basis of race, poverty, upbringing, race, not being breast fed, the size of their shoes, race, etc...

The police are so tough when they get a confession, guilty plea, genuine remorse and so useless when nameless twins get beaten to death by someone and the family stick together to protect the offender.

I know who I'd rather have as neighbour.

K said...

"I know who I'd rather have as neighbour."

The white one?

Samuel said...

"The white one?"


Anonymous said...

The stats speak for themselves. Additionally, if I didn't learn from life's experiences I would be stupid. You be tolerant all you like but my experience is that it doesn't help in the long term - things that are broken need to be fixed.