Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Highway to cheese

Prime Minister John Key says rebuilding Christchurch must not come at the expense of Auckland "grinding to a halt" as he prepares the country for a flatline Budget

There were concerns a fortnight ago that some major roading projects - including the Puhoi-to-Wellsford road and Waikato Expressway - would have to be delayed for at least a year to free up money for Christchurch.
Yikes, that was close. For a moment we thought the Cheese Highway might be be no more. But fear not; soon it will be possible to drive from Puhoi to Wellsford in no time at all.

What's more, the long-awaited Expressway to yr Cows will also become a reality. Auckland will not grind to a halt. Citizens will be able to travel both north and south along roads, roads which will be straighter and smoother, more high and more express, than those currently in place.

This is the future, now; or soon, so long as the Govt can raise the money.

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