Friday, March 25, 2011

Design partnerships for pleasure and profit

In March 2010, Blee and his design partner, Lee Halligan, completed the final renovation transforming the last structure into a 215-square-foot cabin for two. After prefabricating the timber framing in sections scaled to fit into a Renault van, Blee and Halligan drove through the chunnel to construct the interiors on-site. With no access to electricity, plumbing, or other utilities, the duo turned to the land for materials and to the sky as a source of energy.

Design partners:

"Does it bother you, this partnership thing?"


"Well, sometimes when I am talking to a new client, I mention you as my partner and the client gives me a knowing sort of look?"

"What sort of knowing?"

"The look that says 'I know you are gay and I am alright with it,' that sort of look.'

"Oh that look. I used to get that, so I started referring to you as my design partner; it makes all the difference."

"How so?"

"Clients now give me a look that says they are apologetic for presuming we must be a gay couple because we are designers. We get a lot of business from that guilt."

"Still, I wouldn't want anybody to infer anything from these photos"

"Me neither; we had better sit apart"

"And look bored"

"Does this recliner make me look manly?"

BTW, you cannot drive a van through the chunnel: it is a rail tunnel. Here's more from the Fundy Post's favourite Wykehamist:


sas said...

those two should totally be on

Dr Foster said...

You can too drive a car through the chunnel. You drive on to a train at one end, and then off again at the other.