Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's my thesis and I'll descry if I want to

Apropos The Bats, I have decided that my PhD thesis (which is on the subject of the representation of New Zealand architecture in non-architectural media) should include discussion of Flying Nun music promos. This may seem arbitrary, even perverse, but look at them: usually the promo is not much more than the band playing in a room, which means an architectural setting by default. Besides, it gives me an excuse to watch lots of '80s promos, such as this one:

BTW, Flying Nun will be making a Christchurch fundraiser.


Lyndon said...

Animate Decoration: Indoor rabbits in the New Zealand home - a case study.

Paul said...


Russell Brown said...

Interesting idea. The Verlaines' 'Death and the Maiden' video is filmed in a house that probably says a thing or two about Dunedin.

It also features an indoor rabbit.