Thursday, January 11, 2007

SHOUT, SHOUT, let it all out

If the NetGuide Web Awards had a category for Best Thyroid Crisis of 2006, a strong contender would be the New Zealand Equality Education Foundation, which has been set up to educate people about the concept of Equality, which is central to democracy, but very poorly understood."

This is not, you will quickly realise, the "I have a dream" type of Equality. No, this is the "seething resentment at the unfairness of it all," kind. And why is it all so unfair? Because of women, that's why. The NZEEF is the work of one Peter Zohrab, whose concept of Equality is summed up neatly by his tagline: "feminism is a simple idea that has got into women's little brains."

On the front page, Mr Zohrab promises international resources on such diverse topics as:
Men's Rights, Fathers' Rights, and Racial Equality. Topics covered: Access to Children, Activism, Boys' Rights, Child Abuse, Child Support, Child Welfare, Choice for Men, Circumcision, Country-Specific Issues, Custody, Dads' Rights, Domestic Violence, Elderly Men, Employment and Leisure, False Allegations, the Fathers' Movement, Female Violence, Feminism, Fetus Rights (Abortion), Gendercide, Gender Equity for Men, Grandparents' Rights, Humour and Satire, Irrationality, Language, Legal Issues, Male Education, Masculism, Media Bias, Men's Health & Longevity, the Men's Movement, Men's Rights, Military Service and the Draft, Parental Alienation, the Politics of Research, Racial Equality, Rape, Reproduction Rights, Stupidity, Theory, Women's Lies, the Women's Movement, etc..
Nothing there about spanking, but I suppose you cannot have everything. What you do get are Mr Zohrab's opinions on:

The Lesbian Mainstream Media and Education System
Female Academics' Power and Control over Male Academics
Indoctucation by the Media-University Complex
The Media-University Complex Backlash against Freedom of Speech
Gender Equity and Efstratiou v Glantschnig

You might notice other distinct features of the site: that Mr Zohrab has more lawyers than OJ Simpson and that, like Mr Simpson, he has written an inadvisable and unpublishable book with a chapter on rape that has been censored for the web. I dread to think what the original, politically incorrect, version contained.

You might also notice while reading all this that Mr Zohrab uses a lot of red and green on his pages. Now, I used to work for a Government Department in Britain, where one of my jobs was managing responses to complaints about some of our more dubious activities. When my staff received the daily post, they divided the letters into three piles: those written in red ink, those in green ink and those written by sane people. As a general rule, letters in red ink are the work of paranoiacs, while those in green are written by the delusional. The authors of letters in both red and green ink (usually in very cramped script on both sides of very thin typing paper) are criminally insane.


Unknown said...

He has to be taking the piss.
I only read the rape article. I really don't know what to say (without being crass).
But seriously, it's just too F'ed up.
I haven't checked, but have the feeling he has married one of those sex is disgusting and not to be enjoyed types. That or/and he has no idea what he is doing in the sack.
Force a woman. Women are passive during sex and don't initiate it.
Have to promise heaven and earth to get her into the sack.
When was the last time he scored? The 19th century?

Anonymous said...

Mr Z has always struck me as an apposite example of what some feminists of my accquaintance call 'testosterone poisoning.' Apparently, in some blokes undergoing the change of life, hormones go beserk and turn you right-wing and strange...

Craig Y

stephen said...

The strapline "(incorporating the International Ex-Fetus Association)" is comic genius though.