Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thank you for the music

To my grave disappointment, tickets for the Big Day Out sold out on the first morning of sales. I know; it is terrible. It is really hard to believe that so many people would want to spend a day listening to such bad music.

There is a lot of good stuff on the schedule, but I doubt that anyone is scrambling to buy tickets for John Cooper Clarke, The Mint Chicks and David Kilgour. It is the headliners that count and this year we have My Chemical Romance, Jet, The Killers and, worst of all, Tool. My feelings about The Killers are reflected by this cartoon, which was noticed first by Southern Dave. My feelings about Tool are inexpressible.


Anonymous said...

I did see Mint Chicks once. Recollections of a high energy strummer on "lead" guitar. An Exhibitionist for the gullible. Nothing else memorable about them, far less for the right reasons.


Rich said...

You're violating the First Rule Of New Zealand Entertainment Criticism - if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.

See this article for instance!